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About Nature7

NATURE7 has taken a new direction this year with more emphasis on quality brands at the best prices, quick delivery and good advice. Whether it's for the ideal moisturiser for sensitive skin or the most appropriate supplement we're there to help.

We are the Irish distributor for the Annemarie Borlind range, which is the premium natural beauty product in Germany and has some of the most loyal set of customers we have ever come across. Little wonder really, as Borlind have been on the market since 1959, and provide a beautiful range of products for all ages.

To this we have added the best natural products available, from Lamberts to Nature's Aid, these are the best of tried and tested natural products available.

This principle applies to all the brands we have on NATURE7. All the brands we carry have proven themselves to have a long term commitment to the natural and organic principles of, as we say, being 'Kind to You and Kind to Nature'.

Time has shown that the massive level of synthetic products manufactured and used over the last few decades have been harmful to both ourselves and our environment, so using products with high quality natural sustainable ingredients is the best way forward both for maintaining our own good health and that of the world we live in.

We are sure you will enjoy the benefits of using these really good quality products. Try them and let us know what you think!